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PYRO MCS microalgae conditioned seawater

PYRO MCS microalgae conditioned seawater

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PYRO Face and Body Spray contains filter purified (sterile) Pacific Ocean seawater that has been used to grow marine microalgae (Pyrocystis fusiformis). All the algae are removed and the water is filter purified and UV sterilized. Along with the astringent benefits of seawater, the microalgae secrete polysaccharides that are beneficial to healing and nurturing our skin.  

4 OZ glass bottle

Microalgae extracts in seawater are excellent at hydrating, revitalizing and toning the skin and can also help to reduce problems with acne and even wrinkles. Microalgae has been used to improve the skin's elasticity.  Try it and see for yourself. 

PYRO seawater healing affect

PYRO’s microalgae-based skin care products contain isotonic seawater and organic microalgae extracts. Microalgae is rich in trace elements and minerals essential for life, including copper, zinc, iodine, magnesium, calcium and many more. When applied topically, marine-based products promote cellular regeneration and detoxification, collagen synthesis, and healthy skin flora for a beautifully healthy complexion. PYRO focuses on feeding the skin from within using the purest ingredients possible. Let PYRO keep your skin looking healthier than ever!

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